Use machine learning to automatically optimize your apps and web sites Use machine learning to automatically optimize any app or web site autotune uses machine learning to automatically optimize apps and web sites autotune automatically optimizes any app or web site with machine learning autotune automatically tunes apps and web sites to improve outcomes

<!-- Add autotune to any web page -->
<script src="//"></script>

<!-- Create experiments with simple tags -->
  <h1>The glass is half full</h1>
  <h1>The glass is half empty</h1>

<!-- Add the 'autotune' attribute to desired outcomes -->
<a autotune href="/buy-now">Buy now</a>

<!-- autotune will optimize the <h1> for clicks on 'Buy now' -->

Optimize Content

Wrap options in <autotune> tags to instantly create new experiments. Stop arguing and start autotuning!

Optimize Style

Not sure whether your site should have a clean or busy style? Let autotune pick the best look.

<!-- Define a few styles to try -->
  .clean      { ... }
  .busy       { ... }
  .extra-busy { ... }

<!-- Let autotune pick the best style -->
<body autotune-class="clean busy extra-busy">
    Marketing, the CEO, and a consultant are arguing over copy.
    Stop arguing and let autotune pick the best option.
    <p>(Content marketing likes)</p>
    <p>(Content the CEO likes)</p>
    <p>(Content the consultant suggests)</p>
  <a autotune href="/buy-now">Buy Now</a>

Optimize Behavior

autotune optimizes behavior as well as appearance. Here it picks the best way to order items in a React app:

import * as autotune from "autotune";

const ItemGrid = ({ user, items }) => {
  const itemOrder = autotune.oneOf("item order", {
    "by name":            item =>,
    "by popularity":      item => item.popularity,
    "by user preference": item => user.scoreFor(item)
  return (
    <div className="items">
      {items.sortBy(itemOrder).map(item =>
        <Item item={item} />

Get Started

Install autotune to start optimizing your apps

# Install autotune via npm
$ npm install -g autotune
# Create an account
$ tune signup <email> <password>
# Create an app
$ tune new
✓ Created app '' with key 1e514684

# List apps
$ tune ls

# List experiments for an app
$ tune ls

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